California Medicaid and all private insurance plans cover the cost of all legal abortions. Unlike other states, California does not require women to provide a reason for their abortions, and the practice is currently allowed in the state up until viability

Without insurance, abortion costs depend on the type of procedure you will be having. Typically, if you are in the first 70 days of your pregnancy, abortion will cost around $500 out of pocket. If you are further along, the procedure will cost more—even up to $3,000. 

More Information About Abortion Costs

While you may think that abortion costs refer just to the procedure itself, there are additional costs that you may be responsible for. These include:

  • Pre-abortion screenings: These include a lab-quality pregnancy test, ultrasound, and options information.
  • Follow-up appointments: These ensure that your health is protected and you have not suffered any complications.
  • Emergency medical care: This may be needed if you have any complications from the procedure or severe side effects.
  • Mental health treatment: Occasionally, women may experience mental health issues such as depression following an abortion. Treatment is essential to finding a path toward peace and healing.
  • Fewer paychecks: You may need to take time off from work during the abortion procedure.

I Have More Questions About Abortion. Where Can I Go?

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