Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center services are free and confidential to our clients. We do, however, have expenses. We are dependent on our donors to meet those expenses.

Of course, we understand that not everyone is able to commit hours and hours of their time volunteering each week, but there are other ways to contribute to our mission.

We are always grateful and delighted to receive prayers from any caring member of our community. Your prayer support has helped us support women and men in our community, and it continues to do so. Every single prayer makes a world of difference!

Make a Donation

If you are willing and able to do so, you can make a donation that will have a hugely positive impact on our center and the women and men in our community. We rely 100% on the generous gifts of people like you in our community, as we do not receive any federal funds. With your help, we can continue to serve women and men in our community, strengthening our area for years to come.

Bettering our community requires a group effort from everyone who lives here. It is the responsibility of all of us to play our part and contribute what we can. With our combined efforts, we can instill values in our youth and solidify our future. By making a donation, you are doing your part to help your neighbors and provide a better life for their children and yours.

Whether you are able to make a one-time donation or give each month, every single gift helps. We simply cannot continue our work without help from people like you. If you would like to help save lives in our community, please contact us and consider making a donation today.

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