ectopic pregnancy

Have you taken an at-home pregnancy test and discovered you’re unexpectedly pregnant? Are you worried it could be an ectopic pregnancy? We know how overwhelming pregnancy can be. What’s your next step? Come to Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center. A registered nurse will administer lab-quality pregnancy testing to confirm your results.

A normal pregnancy

In a normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg attaches to your uterine lining which is called implantation. Once attached, the placenta forms, and most likely the pregnancy will continue.

An ectopic pregnancy

In an ectopic pregnancy, the egg attaches itself somewhere outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube which carries eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. This type of pregnancy can also be called a tubal pregnancy. A fertilized egg can’t survive anywhere but in the uterus. According to Healthline, ectopic pregnancies happen in about 1 out of every 50 pregnancies.

Is an ectopic pregnancy dangerous?

If left untreated, an ectopic pregnancy may cause life-threatening bleeding. You’ll have normal pregnancy symptoms at first, but as the pregnancy grows, you may begin to experience other problems.

  • Light vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain
  • Upset stomach and vomiting
  • Sharp abdominal cramps
  • Pain in your shoulder, neck, or rectum
  • Dizziness

Who has an ectopic pregnancy?

There is no way to prevent an ectopic pregnancy, but there are a few risk factors that might make it more likely you’ll have one.

  • You have PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)
  • You smoke cigarettes
  • You have an STI (sexually transmitted infection)
  • You’re older than 35
  • You have multiple sex partners

How do I know if I have an ectopic pregnancy?

Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with one of our lab-quality pregnancy tests, schedule a no-cost ultrasound at Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center. A limited obstetrical ultrasound gives our nurse an opportunity to see where your pregnancy is located.

In addition, an ultrasound will tell you how far along you are in your pregnancy and whether your pregnancy is viable (continuing to grow). We also encourage you to do STI testing. We offer no-cost STI testing and treatment.

We’re here for you

You may be wondering why we offer all of these services at no cost to you. We care about you. The diagnosis of a woman’s pregnancy should never be based on how much she can pay. Be sure to contact us today. We’re ready to help you.

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