Your three options for your unplanned pregnancy are: abortion, making an adoption plan, or parenting. Each one is a difficult choice to make with life-changing consequences. 

If you choose to place your child for adoption, you’ll gain some long-term benefits like being able to fulfill your goals while still building a relationship with your child.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process where a child’s birth mother (and father, if possible) transfer their parental rights to an adoptive family. 

It isn’t co-parenting. After finalizing the adoption, the child legally becomes a member of the adoptive family. 

How Do I Make An Adoption Plan?

The adoption process itself has different choices. You can choose to work with an adoption agency, lawyer, or other adoption specialists. Remember, no reputable adoption-planning organization should ever charge you for their services.

After choosing your adoption specialist, decide which adoption plan is right for you and your child. The majority of adoptions today are open, but you can also choose a closed or semi-open plan. 

Most importantly, you choose the adoptive family. Many legally qualified couples and families would love to adopt your child. Find the perfect match for you.

Long-Term Benefits Of An Adoption Plan

Making an adoption plan takes time, support, counseling, and courage. Here are some benefits of choosing adoption:

  • It allows you to continue pursuing your career or education 
  • You won’t have the burden of financing and time required to parent
  • By selecting the adoptive parents, you have peace of mind knowing who they are and how much they love your child
  • An open adoption plan lets you build a relationship with your child and their adoptive family
  • You have the opportunity to talk with your child about why you chose adoption and assure them of your love
  • Emotionally, adoption prevents the potential depression caused by an abortion 

Decide With Confidence

The only way to determine if adoption is right for you and your child is to learn more about the process. We can give you more information while also offering referrals to adoption agencies. 

Contacting an agency doesn’t mean you are committing to adoption. It merely means you want to know more. Schedule an appointment with us to talk further about this wonderful option.

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