ABC- Life in the Womb


This book from Little Life Stages uses medical sources and scripture to affirm that life begins at conception, fetal development, gender, the importance of a mother and father, and the unique life of each and every child. You have the opportunity to purchase the book(s) for personal use or to gift them to our clients.

Suggested donation is $15 per book, however, any amount helps! Please click the button below to submit your order.

Your donation will help in the following ways:

    • Financial Blessing: $5 from the sale of each book is donated to Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center.
    • Resource Blessing: ABC – Life in the Womb books to give to our clients.
    • Pro-Life Promise: 40% of all proceeds will still bless other pregnancy centers across the U.S. through the creators of the book.
    • Fundraiser ends August 31, 2021!

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