In the wake of recent changes to abortion laws, understanding the facts of the situation can be confusing. 

Some people are elated with the changes, while others view these changes as a threat to women’s health. 

Here’s a quick overview of California’s updated abortion laws. Keep reading to see what is changing and what’s staying the same following this new era without Roe. 

A New Era

Let’s take a minute to review the new Supreme Court decision about abortion. In June, the Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Constitution does not confer a women’s right to abortion. This ruling did not ban all abortions. Instead, the laws regarding elective abortions are now to be decided by the states. 

California’s state representatives have assured their residents that abortion laws in California are not changing. Women wanting to terminate their pregnancy will still have that option within certain parameters. 

Can Women In CA Still Get Abortions? 

Yes. California state law allows abortions to be performed up until the pregnancy’s viability, which is typically around 20-24 weeks. Women will also still be able to terminate their pregnancy for the following instances: 

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the pregnancy implants and grows somewhere outside of the uterus. This usually happens in the fallopian tubes. If left undetected by ultrasound, an ectopic pregnancy will rupture and create a life-threatening situation for the mother. 

Women experiencing an ectopic pregnancy will still be able to have their pregnancy removed. 

Life of the Mother 

Maternal well-being will continue to take priority. If a woman needs care that isn’t compatible with her pregnancy, she will have the option to terminate the pregnancy

A System of Support

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