Are you struggling to recover emotionally after an abortion? You’re not alone. Studies show that women who’ve gone through an abortion are 81% more likely to experience feelings of anxiety and depression following their procedures.   

If that’s you, Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center is here to help you process your feelings and heal from your past abortion.

Here are four steps that you may find helpful in your healing journey:

Acknowledge Your Feelings  

The first step as you begin to emotionally recover from abortion is to acknowledge your feelings.

This may seem obvious, but for many women, it can be a challenge to truly accept negative emotions following an abortion. Whether you’re feeling regret, guilt, or simply sadness, it’s important to name your emotions and intentionally engage those feelings.

Healing is not a one-size-fits-all process so engaging your emotions may involve journaling, talking with a friend, or setting up an appointment with a mental health professional.

Give Yourself Permission to Grieve 

There are many reasons why someone may not be giving herself the space she needs to properly grieve an abortion.

It’s no secret that abortion is a controversial topic, both politically and socially, however, this should never get in the way of your grieving process. Additionally, if your abortion was years in the past, you may feel as though you’re not “allowed” to process something that happened long ago. 

Whatever it is, give yourself permission to grieve, cry, and process however you need.

Find a Safe Environment 

Once you’ve acknowledged your feelings and given yourself permission to grieve, we recommend identifying a safe environment where you can process your abortion experience. This may be the presence of a friend, a counselor’s office, or a post-abortion support group.

Tell Your Story 

Abortion is often an isolating and lonely experience, as many women keep their stories and feelings to themselves.

Because of this, sharing your story is an important step in recovering emotionally after an abortion. No one can force you to share your story; however, you may find that telling others about your experience will allow you to feel a new sense of closure and healing.

For those seeking a safe space to process and share their story, Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center is offering Surrendering the Secret, an 8-week study for post-abortive women. Contact us today to learn more! 

For additional information regarding Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center’s pregnancy and post-abortion services, schedule your free appointment today

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