So – you think you’re pregnant. A positive sign on a pregnancy test can change your life in a matter of minutes. You’ve already shared the news with your partner and now it’s time to tell your parents. It’s tough sharing the news of an unplanned pregnancy with your parents. Maybe you feel like it will strain your relationship or you’re scared about how they will react. That’s normal.

No matter how your parents respond to your pregnancy – you have the final say in your pregnancy decision. However, you may be surprised by their reaction. Know you’re not alone in your pregnancy journey. Our team at Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center is here to support you.

1. First, Confirm Your Pregnancy

Before you go and tell your parents the news, make sure you are indeed pregnant with free and confidential lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound. Some women experience false pregnancy test results if taken at the wrong time, or complications come up with their pregnancy. These pregnancy confirmation steps can help verify your results and the health of your pregnancy. 

Start the pregnancy confirmation process today at no cost at Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center to be sure.

2. Give Yourself Time 

Don’t feel like you have to go and tell your parents the news the same day, or even a week after finding out you’re pregnant. You need a brief moment to take in the news yourself as you may have never faced a challenge like this. 

Give yourself grace and let yourself feel all the emotions. Take time to rest in the reality of your pregnancy and what the future could hold. If you feel like you want to talk to someone, choose a trusted friend or family member you can be yourself with, and who will listen.

3. Pick the Right Time

First things first – timing is key! We all have had moments where news comes at us at the wrong time and we don’t react well. Avoid this by choosing a convenient time for your parents.

You could choose a day your parents are off work, which gives them more space to take it in. Choose a time where they are most relaxed and are in a good headspace. These little details could make a better overall experience when telling your parents the news.

4. Be Prepared

Emotions are on high when sharing news of an unplanned pregnancy. The more you are prepared – the less reactive you’ll be. Give your parents space to react in their own way without responding to them right away. You may even get a response you didn’t expect. It’s important to emotionally prepare yourself for this. The only thing you can control at this moment is how you respond. 

If you feel unsafe sharing the news, or you think there’s a chance for a bad reaction from one or both of your parents – bring someone along with you. If you know their response will not be safe to be around – try telling them over the phone if you feel comfortable with that.

We’re here to help you in your pregnancy journey. Contact us today for pregnancy support and to confirm your pregnancy! You can do this.

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