How Safe Is It to Undergo Multiple Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy?

Ultrasound is a scanning technique that uses sound waves to create an image of your internal structures. Unlike X-rays, which use radiation that’s not safe for pregnancy, ultrasound is considered low-risk during pregnancy. Studies looking into the effects of ultrasound on pregnancy have found no links between ultrasound use during pregnancy and physical complications in…

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How Reliable Are Pregnancy Tests?

Most at-home pregnancy tests claim to be 99% accurate if taken on the first day of your missed period. However, this percentage lowers significantly if you aren’t sure when to expect your period and take the test too soon.  If you think you might be pregnant and have yet to take a pregnancy test, it’s…

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How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

The best way to support your friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy is to listen to her intently, support her loyally, and spend time with her consistently. Your friend is in need of hope and connection, and she will likely be tempted to isolate herself from her loved ones. Don’t let her. Be with her often,…

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