In the days since Roe v. Wade was reversed, Americans have been asking variations of this question: could a woman die if she’s denied an abortion?

It’s a serious question, and our hope with this article is to provide facts and truth to bring peace of mind. 

What Does The Reversal of Roe Mean?

The Supreme Court’s new ruling updated abortion laws in America. It is important to note this new ruling did not ban abortions nationwide.

Instead, the Court’s decision allows each state to create its laws and legislature regarding abortion.

States like California have upheld their abortion laws and stated abortions will remain fully protected and fully legal in the state.

Other states like Arkansas have placed a ban on elective abortions but with the intent to always prioritize the life of the mother. 

How Are Women Protected?

Every state, even those with full bans on abortion, provide provisions and protections for the life of the mother. So in answer to the original question, no, a woman will not die because she’s denied an abortion in her state of residence. 

Life can be scary and unpredictable at times. Some women may experience a need to terminate their pregnancy in order to save their own life. These situations include but are not limited to ectopic pregnancy and terminal illnesses. 

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants and begins to develop outside of the uterus. A pregnancy growing outside of the uterus is not viable, meaning it will naturally miscarry in time. 

Women experiencing an ectopic pregnancy need to have the pregnancy removed as soon as possible. Ruling out an ectopic pregnancy is one of the reasons women are encouraged to have an ultrasound. 

If left undetected by ultrasound, an ectopic pregnancy can cause life-threatening bleeding to the mother. 

Terminal Illnesses

Imagine a woman is 14 weeks pregnant, and she goes to her routine OBGYN appointment. During her examination, her doctor discovers a lump in her breast. With more tests, it is confirmed the woman has stage three breast cancer and will need to begin chemotherapy immediately. If she waits, she may risk losing her own life to cancer. 

While this scenario is rare and heartbreaking, the woman in this situation would have the choice to terminate her pregnancy, regardless of what state she resides in. 

Choosing The Right Path

If you or a friend are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, it is normal to feel scared and overwhelmed. It’s important not to race to quick decisions during this time but to take a breath and calmly explore your options. 

At Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center, we offer free services and friendly support to help women navigate the tough decisions a pregnancy can create. TPHC will provide a limited, no-cost ultrasound for women who have confirmed their pregnancy. 

Don’t leave anything up to chance. Get all the answers to your pregnancy questions answered before confirming a termination. Knowing the details about your pregnancy could save your life. Give us a call anytime at (209) 656-9898. We believe in your future! 

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