Although it is possible to buy the abortion pill online, many women should proceed cautiously before seeking this medication from internet sources. Not all pharmacies are created equal, and women deserve to have all the facts regarding their healthcare.

Why Does It Matter Where I Get It?

First, many women have reliable pharmacies they trust to obtain their medication. Usually, that’s because these pharmacies are well-known and established. They get their drugs from responsible sources regulated by rigorous and specific guidelines for health and safety.

Next, it’s essential to understand if these medications are sourced from inside or outside the country. The FDA warns,

“Medicine bought over the Internet from foreign sources, storefront businesses that offer to buy foreign medicine for you, or during trips outside the United States, may not be safe or effective. These medicines may present health risks, and FDA cannot ensure the safety of medicine from these sources. FDA cannot help you if you have problems with medicine you get from outside U.S. regulation and oversight.”

Why Should I See A Professional First?

Simply said: women deserve to be in control of their health with all the facts given to them. Unfortunately, speaking with a professional is often a step skipped when women order their drugs online. Purchasing drugs this way can be a dangerous practice because doctors have information that can be vital to protecting your health.

For example, did you know the Mayo Clinic does not recommend taking over 200 medications with the abortion pill combination? Or that based on the pregnancy’s status, your health conditions, and history, you may not qualify for the abortion pill method as it could jeopardize your well-being?

Take the extra step and see a professional. Your health deserves it. 

Where Can I Get More Information

At Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center, we can help clarify your health and options. We have qualified medical professionals that can speak with you about risks and concerns you may have before using the abortion pill.

You deserve all the facts to make an informed, empowered decision. Stop by today for your free, confidential appointment.

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