What Are the Risks of Abortion?

There is so much misinformation today. Who’s telling the truth? Can I trust what they say? It’s hard to know what to do. If you’re considering abortion, you deserve to know the truth about the procedures, side effects, and risks of abortion. Any time something is removed from your body, it’s a major medical decision….

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How Does An Ultrasound Work?

After a positive pregnancy test, a follow up ultrasound exam is sometimes recommended. This exam is a quick and painless opportunity for you to learn important and necessary details about your pregnancy. What is an ultrasound? An ultrasound is a scan that uses high frequency radio waves to view important details inside the human body….

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What are the risks of COVID-19 during pregnancy?

Let’s face it, unplanned pregnancies can bring on a ton of feelings — anxiety, worry, uncertainty, stress. And in this COVID-19 world, these fears might be even more magnified. Whether you’re worried about health risks, financial burdens, or whether or not you’ll have access to the healthcare you need, here’s what you need to know…

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