Mail-order abortion is another name for receiving abortion drugs by mail. At this time, abortion medications can be sent and delivered via the United States Postal Service. 

If you are considering a mail-order abortion, here are three things you must know:

1. Ordering Online May be Unsafe

Some websites offer abortion pills. However, this is not a safe option. In fact, the FDA recommends against ordering the abortion pill online because these websites are often unregulated. Given the lack of FDA regulation and inspection of abortion pills ordered online, taking the medications obtained through this method may be dangerous. 

2. Identify Precautionary Measures

Before having a medical abortion, it is important that you receive more information about your pregnancy. First, you should confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test. This will assist in finding out if you are indeed pregnant. 

Next, you should plan to have an ultrasound. Ultrasounds give essential information, such as the location of the pregnancy. If it is located outside the uterus, you have an ectopic pregnancy. If you have an ectopic pregnancy, additional medical services will be required. If not treated properly, this can become a life-threatening matter. Having a nonviable pregnancy (i.e. miscarriage) may also require medical treatment. 

The ultrasound also confirms how far along you are in your pregnancy (referred to as gestational age.) Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center offers free pregnancy testing and ultrasound administered by a registered nurse. 

3. Understand the Possible Risks

Medical abortion may not be safe for some women under certain conditions. These include:

  • Being too far along in your pregnancy
  • Taking blood thinners
  • Having an ectopic pregnancy
  • Having an intrauterine device
  • Having an allergy to the abortion medications
  • Having certain medical conditions
  • Not being able to make follow-up visits or access emergency treatment

Understanding these risks will help you to make an informed decision. 

Have More Questions?

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